Geniee International : Agensi Pengiklanan Terbaru

Aerill Hassan

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Hai,angah nak perkenalkan kepada anda semua,dengan satu agensi pengiklanan terbaru dari Jepun.Mereka masih baru lagi di Malaysia dan mencari blog-blog di Malaysia untuk mempromosikan mereka.
Macam mana angah boleh tahu? Suatu hari,angah check emel,tetiba ada emel daripada pihak Geniee.Untuk promosikan laman web mereka.Jadi angah harap agar ramai-ramai sign up application ini!! 
Geniee International, one of leading advertising supply side platform (SSP) from Japan. We work with over 1,200 publishers and serve more than 10 billion impressions per month and we are now expanding our service offering to publishers in Southeast Asia. 

How is Geniee different?

Geniee works with multiple demand partners in Japan and Southeast Asia and these networks will compete to place their ads for your ad frames. Geniee SSP is also real time bidding (RTB) enabled so a highest bidder gets a frame which results in maximising your advertising revenue. We now partnered with Brandscreen, DSP based in Singapore, which increased needs of local Asian traffic from advertisers dramatically. We also work with many other DSPs from Japan, Taiwan, and Europe to increase our publishers revenue to the highest level.

In addition to RTB capability, Geniee will optimise campaigns with our extensive networks to achieve the best fill rate. Some of our demand partners are Komli, Innity, MadAds Media and OpenX, just to name a few. Also the ad category selection is available for you and we only serve ads from our partners depending on your preference.
Please note that there is no initial fees/contracts involved! Simply submit the application form via the link below to start improving your online revenue with Geniee!

Anda nak sign up?Percuma je,tak perlu bayar apa-apa,malah anda juga yang akan diberi ganjaran.

Peringatan : Bila anda sign up,letakkan code 1497 pada ruangan Notes.Seperti yang tertera dalam gambar di atas.

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  1. best ker ni? review sikit ngah...

    Boleh jenguk mama di sini..

    1. entahlah..angah pun tak tau best ke tak..kita try lah dulu..belum cuba belum tahu..

  2. yg hari tu angah cakap kan?

  3. sudah daftar geniee ssp, semoga di apply
    terima kasih atas sharingnya ^_^

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