Sugar Free Original

Good evening everyone. Once again, I am not hacking this blog instead I'm just writing here for some new post since the owner don't really have the mood to write. Well, we are now at McD section 2 Shah Alam for Theory of music II studies. Actually going to have our midterm exams for theory tomorrow. Fighting. 

Today, is the 2nd day of me having fever, I really can no more handle it and i hope it will go away soon, please recover soon Adlina Tasya! :D 

Enough as for today theory studies, I need to rest a lot. About the fever,not just me, the owner of this blog and a few of my friends are sick too. Get well soon everyone, since the wheather is not that good, so I hope everyone will take care of themselves. Thank you and wish us luck for theory midterm tomorrow~


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