1.3 Billion Shares Traded in PDZ; Another New High Tomorrow?

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1.3 Billion Shares Traded in PDZ; Another New High Tomorrow?

PDZ Holdings Bhd's share price increased by 155.5 per cent or 14 sen to 23 sen on Wednesday (July 8), with 1.33 billion shares traded.There is a high possibility that we could see another day of high trading on Thursday (July 9) on news that an e-commerce platform operator in the United States is buying up shares in PDZ, maybe to have a control in the local e-commerce business here.

That explains why there has been a high volume of shares traded in PDZ this week. On July 8, some 1.33 billion shares were traded. Malaysia’s e-commerce market is estimated to be worth US$4 billion and is set to increase with the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more people are buying products online. Even when the Covid-19 is over, we think that people will continue to shop online as it has become more convenient.

Annual sales have expanded significantly since 2015, rising 47.8 percent in 2017. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 24 percent to 2021, or more than that as nobody is quite sure when the Covid-19 situation will end. With more people shopping from the comfort of their home now and with higher internet penetration rate, the worth of the e-commerce market here will exceed US$4 billion and this augurs well for companies like PDZ, which is involved in the container liner business.

PDZ has been looking at expansion. Interestingly, it recently won a RM600 million logistics contract from a large e-commerce operator based in China.The names that have come up and whom we think may have awarded PDZ with the RM600 million logistics contract include Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd who currently dominate the China e-commerce market with platforms such as Taobao and JD.com Inc.

PDZ's revenue will surely increase with this contract and it would be able to make a higher profit in its current fiscal year and onward. The company posted higher revenue of RM1.22 million for the current quarter ended March 31, 2020, compared to the preceding year corresponding quarter of RM1.04 million, due to the higher volume transported by the firm between January and March.

It recorded a net profit for the three months under review, compared to the preceding year corresponding quarter mainly due to the higher revenue and lower administrative expenses.


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