Hakuga はくが, YOUR BEST TEA, YOUR BESTIE! The World-Class Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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The World-Class Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha 

Hakuga はく matcha is a perfect warm treat for children, men and women, especially during pregnancy, and it contains a host of goodness. Indeed, this vibrant spring-green matcha has many benefits that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hakuga はくが origin from Shizuoka Kakegawa, Japan presented a showcase and the official launch celebration of Hakuga はくが to the social media at Dream Space, Bandar Sri Menjalara—featuring Hakuga’s tasty and nutritious role. 

To celebrate the official launch of Hakuga はくか, the media event, themed “Your Best Tea, Your Bestie”, shed light on the wholesome goodness of Hakuga はくか matcha, together with creative yet easy recipe ideas to serve up to the media guests. Besides guests learning how to make an authentic cup of Japanese matcha, one of the important highlights of today's event agenda is that we officially performed a signing ceremony for the new face of Hakuga はくか, Ms. Akari Miyasaka 宮坂灯里, , a gorgeous and talented Japanese actress with 4m likes on Tiktok, for the campaign period of June 2022–July 2023. 

The Managing Director of Hakuga はくか, Mr. Ian, believes matcha has a lot of beauty and health benefits, hoping to bring this to all Malaysians for a healthy lifestyle, especially children, that is for good oral health, fighting against flu, good for the heart and preventing clogged arteries, fighting childhood obesity, and many more. Hakuga はくか is also a very versatile ingredient and can inspire a wide repertoire of dishes—from appetisers and main dishes to desserts and beverages—especially as consumers are becoming more health-conscious and more adventurous in their culinary endeavours.

He adds that for working individuals, Hakuga はくか are ideal to consume in the office, as they are easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. A 30g can of Hakuga はくか fits perfectly in a working bag. They also conveniently fit in lunch boxes, gym bags, and in your desk drawer. Hakuga はくか are the ideal ingredient to prepare quick, energy-boosting, and nutritious drinks throughout the day. 

More than just being an appetising ingredient for snacks, desserts and beverage, Hakuga はくか are also a source of nutrition which are suitable to incorporate into main meals amidst rising concerns for health issues, such as diabetes. 

Some key benefits of Hakuga はくか matcha for pregnancy include: 

🍵 Enhancing bone strength 
🍵 Prevents from absorbing folic acid properly to prevent neural tube defects.
🍵 Lower blood pressure by relaxing the arterial walls
🍵 Rich in vitamin & proteins, which can help in growing a baby 
🍵 Controls gestational diabetes 
🍵 Improves immune system 
🍵 Keeping blood sugar under control 
🍵 Alleviates mood swings 
🍵 Resolves problems of skin 

Some key benefits of Hakuga はくか matcha for men include: 

🍵 Boosts the clarity and function of the brain. 
🍵 Reduces cholesterol levels in the body. 
🍵 Helps prevent heart disease ü Increase sperm count 
🍵 Prevents erectile dysfunction 
🍵 Prevents erectile dysfunction 
🍵 Ensures better results at the gym 
🍵 Helps in the repair of damaged DNA 
🍵 Prevents hair loss and baldness 
🍵 Prevents Parkinson’s disease 

Some key benefits of Hakuga はくが matcha for women include: 

🍵 Protect the liver 
🍵 Help stabilize harmful free radicals 
🍵 Improves brain function 
🍵 Prevent cancer 
🍵 Promote heart health 
🍵 Enhance weight loss 
🍵 Improves skin 
🍵 Lower cholesterol. 
🍵 Lower blood pressure 
🍵 Help arthritis 

Some key benefits of Hakuga はく matcha for children include:

🍵 Good oral health 
🍵 Fights against flu 
🍵 Good for the heart and prevent clogged arteries 
🍵 Fights childhood obesity 
🍵 Improved concentration 
🍵 Improves skin, hair and bone density 
🍵 Boosts immune system 
🍵 Improves caffeine tolerance 

For information and recipes on Hakuga はくが, visit and follow their Facebook and Instagram @hakugaasia. 

 About Hakuga はくか: 

A Japan brand founded by two passionate health-conscious entrepreneurs in a peaceful town of Japan in Shizuoka Kakegawa, a world-class tea producer. Powered by the mantra ‘A healthy body starts with a healthy lifestyle because the greatest wealth is health’. 

The founders believe in eating or drinking healthy is the first thing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, just like the Japanese citizens have the longest lifespan due to their diet and special drinking habits according to the WHO. 

Thus, they wish to bring their wonderful creation with tons of health and beauty benefits to the world with the birth of Hakuga はくか, the World-Class Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha with 100% Pure Organic Matcha of Camellia Sinensis, that’s with shadegrown and hand-picked in early spring for the most vibrant and tender tea leaves.


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  1. Wah traditional tea making ke. Macam best je.

  2. Wahh traditional tea making ke. macam best je. Japanese green tea mmg best.

  3. Wah. Banyaknya kebaikan mengamalkan pengambilan matcha nie. Nampak gaya kena start minum matcha la kan.

  4. bagusla produk ni.. mmg org cakap green tea agen pengoksida yg sangat bagus @ayurafikah

  5. Ada rasa tak? Apa ek rasa dia? Macam rasa Chinese tea ke? Macam nak cuba, sebab banyak khasiatnya tu...


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The author will not be responsible for any comment left by the readers. Please comment using polite language. Thank you.

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