Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019

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Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019


Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019 is the continuation of the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition (KLWMBC) and World Championship Marching Show Bands (WCMSB) 2016 event. KLIYMBC is an annual event which gathers the best bands of the worlds in an annual competition to vie for the coveted title of International Champion.

Organized since 2014 and consecutively held yearly till 2018, KLIYMBC is the homegrown brand name of International Marching Band Competition, proudly formed in Malaysia. Promoted as the premier marching band competition in Asia Pacific, it is been hailed as the best marching band competition in this region.


KLIYMBC 2019 is supported by the Ministry of Education, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Kelab Belia Perkasa dan Prihatin and Kelab Pemuda Suara Generasi Kuala Lumpur. KLIYMBC features world class marching abnds with musicians performing colorful variations of band music and exciting choreography.

Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019

This event has successfully gathered a total of 10 different marching band-groups representing 3 nations; Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. There is six categories in this competition, namely the Marching Show Bands, Field Parade, Drummerz Showdown, Colorguard and Solo Guard & Duet Guard.

The main venue for KLIYMBC 2019 is in Kuala Lumpur Hockey Stadium, Jalan Pantai Baharu, Bangsar. Preliminary round of Marching Show Band and Colorguard categories will meet on the day of competition which have been held on the 2nd August 2019; bring together ' The Best among the Best' the world has offer to compete in Kuala Lumpur for the prestigious 'World Marching Band Champion' title.

Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019

On the same night, the Field Parade Competition will enliven the atmosphere in the Stadium. KLIYMBC 2019 featured the exciting performance of these world class marching band musicians showcasing the most colorful formations and unforgettable performances.


The objectives of this event is to establish Malaysia as hub for developing common interest in promoting marching activity as means to instill positive self-worth in every participant, focusing on life skills development, character building, self-discipline, leadership qualities and teamwork plus exposure to international interaction and the fostering of a good value system.

Marching Show Band
> Champion - Challenge Trophy + Champion Trophy + Certificate + RM4,000 
> 1st Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM2,500
> Best Costume - Trophy + RM300 
> Best Field Commander -Trophy + RM200
> Best Hornline - RM500
> Best Percussion - RM500
> Best Colorguard - RM500 

Field Parade
> Champion - Trophy + Certificate + RM1,000
> Best Costume - Trophy + RM300
> Best Drum Major - Trophy + RM200

> Champion - Trophy + Certificate + RM1,000
> 1st Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM750
> 2nd Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM500 

Drummerz Showdown
> Champion - Trophy + Certificate + RM1,500 
> 1st Runner Up -Trophy + Certificate + RM1,000 
> 2nd Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM750
> 4th Place - Trophy + Certificate + RM500
> Best Costume - Trophy + RM300  

Duet Guard
> Champion - Trophy + Certificate + RM400
>1st Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM300
>2nd Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM200

Solo Guard
> Champion - Trophy + Certificate + RM200
>1st Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM150
>2nd Runner Up - Trophy + Certificate + RM100

Participating Teams

Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019

1. Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band
2. Golden Hornbill Drumline, UiTM Sarawak
3. Eximete Colorguard, UiTM Perak
4. Greenix Colorguard Line, UiTM Johor
5. Adamas Guard, Thailand
6. Gita Handayani Drumline, Indonesia
7. Bahana Ceudah Meutewah, Indonesia
8. Voice of Percussion, Kuala Lumpur
9. AMB Heartbeat - SMK Ajil
10. DC Trisakti, Indonesia

The much awaited event is organized by Multi Empire Alliance Sdn. Bhd., the event organizer since 2014 all the way till 2018 and the WCMSB 2016. With great support of esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Kelab Belia Perkasa dan Prihatin and Kelab Pemuda Suara Generasi Kuala Lumpur; the Kuala Lumpur International Youth Marching Band Competition (KLIYMBC) 2019 is now back with loads of interesting performance; colorful band formation and creative choreography to enliven the industry.

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  1. penah jain marching keje kat company lame. mmg susah giler nak synchronize semua supaya teratur. tapi result performance mmg sgt best n cantik (eh tiba puji diri sndri)

  2. menarik. teringin nak tengok pertandingan macam ni. nak nak yang dah peringkat international macam ni. mesti semua hebat2 kan?

  3. Marching band competition!! I like this competition. Just like to see only because I am in love with this marching band. The prize is great too.

  4. A great event.
    Joined band ni dulu time skola menengah. Perform utk SUKMA 1992. Kenangan manis.

  5. pernahlah join masa sekolah dulu2....best jer..hadiah-hadiah pun nampak menarik

  6. Bestnya kalau dapat tengok depan-depan. Ruby suka event macam ni.

    Ohhh. Dari 3 negara.

    SMK Ajil pun ada? Wahh ;)
    Hadiah yang di tawarkan pun memang

  7. Dulu seolah pernah ada pertandingan macam ni.suka tengok..suka dengar muzik diaornag mainkan smabil menari sikit2 gitu..hadiah diaornag perghhh..

  8. wahhh nampak meriah betul marching band nie, those yang bersekolah di asrama penuh mesti suka tgok pertandingan macam nie. meriah !

  9. Seronok tgk marching. Apatah lagi yang pakai seragam yang sama mmg nampak menarik. Teringat zaman belajar selalu masuk marching hehehe

  10. Alamak. tak tahu pula pasal event ni. gempak dan meriah kalau dapat pergi event marching band ni.. suka sangat.! formation, uniform, lagu dia.. semua best.

  11. Yehooi..I'm one of the marching squad when I was at secondary school. In fact, I was a squad commander ahaks. Kami pergi sampai peringkat negeri. Pencapaian terbaik kami adalah kategori kawad formasi unit beruniform. Menang state level tau.

  12. Good to have performance and competition among the kids to create a healthy growth for kids!

  13. TB suka tengok pertandingan macam ni.. selalu tengok kat TV je.. belum pernah tengok live lagi.. kalau tengok live mesti meremamng bulu roma kan.. hehehe

  14. Teringat pula zaman2 remand pernah join marching squad dulu. It was memorable.

  15. Fuhhh i memang suka gilaaaa pergi event / competition marching.

  16. Reminds me of my gold old days when I was part of the band as well :D


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