Top Rated Air Coolers in Malaysia Review

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If you live in a tropical nation with exceptionally hot and humid weather, a ceiling fan may not even enough. While air conditioners can be costly, air coolers are an excellent alternative because they not only cost less but also consume less electricity in the long term. They are simple to install and tiny and light enough to move around your home with ease. 

Simply pour in some water and breathe in the fresh air! With such a wide range of air coolers available, you may be wondering which is the highly recommended air cooler in Malaysia to provide you with the ultimate comfort and convenience. We have collected the current Best Air Coolers in Malaysia in our Best of Home series, delivering quality options to suit your lifestyle and budget!

Top Rated Air Coolers in Malaysia Review

Honeywell Air Cooler TC30PEUI

The Honeywell TC30PEUI is unquestionably the most powerful air cooler. Its 120-watt motor can produce 800m3/hr of continuous airflow, making it an excellent choice for rooms up to 26 m2. It has an ionizer built in and three changeable speeds that you can freely adjust, and the oscillating louvres ensure that cool air is circulated evenly about you. The water tank can hold up to 30 litres of water, eliminating the need for regular refills. It also has a smart alarm that will notify you when the cooler runs out of water. Furthermore, the body is equipped with a set of sturdy casters that allow you to easily move it around.

Sharp PJA200TVB

Who says air coolers can't be elegant and modern while still performing well? The Sharp PJA200TVB takes pride in its sleek all-black appearance, making it the ideal addition to any fashionable house. With a 750m3/h air volume and various fan speeds, you're always in control of your comfort. It also has water-repellent protection for increased durability. Not only that, but you can set this Sharp air cooler to one of three wind modes: regular, natural, or sleep. It comes with a remote control that allows you to control it from anywhere in the room. Meanwhile, the portable handle and smooth wheels make moving the item a breeze.

Mind Air Purifying Cooler

The Mind Air Purifying Cooler is another excellent air cooler that you should consider purchasing for your home. It has a 4-stage filtration and cooling system with a HEPA filter to remove allergens, viruses, and germs for cleaner air. The cooling system itself employs a twin water tank for faster cooling and up to 48 hours of operation without the need for water refills. It is also simple to set up and use, thanks to the touch screen panel and remote control. In addition, the 8-hour timer control could be useful.

Selamat Galaxy Black Air Cooler

The Selamat Galaxy Air Cooler is ideal for those who seek multifunctional equipment that can handle numerous duties at once. With unique 4-in-1 capabilities such as air chilling, fan, purifying, and humidifying, it will provide you with a pleasant and clean breeze throughout the day. It comes with a remote control, a touch screen display, four speeds, and up to eight hours of timer control. For maximum air dispersion, this air cooler also contains oscillating louvres that move in four directions. It includes a big 20L water capacity for up to 48 hours of operation and an easy-to-maintain low water warning. Even better, its non-compressor technology is energy efficient and can save up to 90% of the energy expenditures associated with air conditioners.

Midea Air Cooler MAC-215F

Nothing beats the satisfaction of purchasing a household appliance that provides excellent value for money. When it comes to air coolers, there aren't many in Malaysia that can compete with the Midea MAC-215F. It has the biggest water capacity for the price, at 15L. Furthermore, this Midea cooler has a humidifier and air purifier function, ensuring that you are breathing the best air possible. Its nice fragrance and can also help to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home.

Sharp Air Cooler PJA36TVB

If you're looking for a cost-effective and long-term investment, the Sharp PJA36TVB model is one of the most durable air coolers in Malaysia. It will last you a long time due to its water-lacking protection and ball bearing engine. Despite this outstanding feature, it remains reasonably priced. It also has four fan settings and three wind modes for greater customization. This air cooler has an LED display and a remote control for easy operation. Its 15-hour on/off timer may also come in handy, and the water-lacking protection can ensure that your cooler lasts a long time.

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