So I'm not Angah, but i've gotten a special chance to write on his blog!! isn't that UHMAYZING? hahahahaha be jealous and stay jealous.

So today I'm not going to waste my time babbling bout something unimportant or outdated like your hair haha kidding!! but I HAVE SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT AND CRUCIAL FOR ME TO ADDRESS TONIGHT!

Trust me guys if I'm using CAPS LOCK; then this thing is extremely important. I am going to talk about CHEATING DURING FINAL EXAMINATION!!

There I said it. The Hot Topic of the night,

So as you guys know or probably some of you don't know, degree students are having final examinations these past few weeks. So do I. Most students spend time studying and tryna stay sane enough to answer the final paper next day ( oh trust me some of my friends just went nuts and im just sittin there watching and prayig theyall gonna do good in their final)( KIDDING!! haha and why all of suddent i sound all ghetto and stuff?. WTV. 
so back to our topic tonight, i had a final paper of **********. The paper was on the evening of 1st June 2015.  the duration of the paper was 3 hours. However, in the examination hall, not only student of my program are having paper but also student from other program which i shall not reveal the name of the program. 
So before the examination started, the invigilator have reminded students of few rules regarding dress codes, all the important materials like stationary, student's id, examination slip and stuff but most importantly, NO ACTION THAT CAN SUGGEST CHEATING OR HELPING OTHER STUDENTS. so we have been warned (she mentioned about how we were in the holy month of Ramadhan and we shall not have the intention to do such we shall not even think of it or having second thought about it. 
Later then, the examination started. I was so caught up by the question ( idk whether im having fun answering it or just the adrenaline rush that overwhelmed me bcs of the question haha tbh) i didn't even look around or tryna be nice and friendly to the person next to me just focus onthe question and trying to give the best answer. THEN......
After 30 min the examination has started, something happened. One of the invigilators asked students to mind their own business. At that moment i was so confused by the statement i thought everyone was answering the papers BUT I WAS WRONG. i held my head up and saw someone that i know standing at front of the hall. my first thought was WOW he managed to finish all the question within 30 mins? OMG WHY ARE YOU SO CLEVER GOSH THIS IS SO NOT FAIR. so continued with my paper.
After 3 torturing hours of answering the paper ( the question was so bad it makes me feel good after i answered it, geddit? the satisfaction was indescribable.) so right after i got out of the hall, everybody was talking about the student who in my defense i believe he finished with the question within the first 30 min. I was like erm halo what happened guys? can anybody please enlighten me? 
so my friend got up to me and tell me everything. THAT STUDENT WAS CAUGHT CHEATING DURING THE FINAL EXAMINATION I MIGHT ADD. i was super bumped. i mean what?! Cheating? That is like the worst thing a student can do during Final!! 
and what makes me more sad was the fact that that student who got caught is my roommate. You know the hot burning feeling at the bottom of your heart its like Im not mad but it was kinda the mixture of humiliation and sad at the same time. I was super shocked and i didnt know how to react at that time.
This story just not end there. there are more to come but i gotta go. till i see you guys next time Stay jealous :)

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