The Best Monitor for Education, Gaming or Working from Home.

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In this modern era, electronic equipment is indeed one of the things needed to help facilitate various things in daily life. From making calls, connecting with other human beings, to entertainment, learning and even work. Technology is definitely one of the very important things. For example, without a smartphone, it would be difficult to connect, interact with family, message, and more.

Learning, meetings, online games, work from home and many more definitely need the right monitor to help provide the best possible experience. The best visual monitor for education is important especially when implementing hybrid learning. In addition, having a good monitor can also create interesting lessons. Students can improve outcomes through engaging learning. For the workplace, a clear and modern monitor can simplify wireless presentations. Presentations can be made well also with a clearer display.

Where to find the best monitor in Malaysia? You can try with the VIEW SONIC brand.  ViewSonic is one of the leading electronics brands that provides items such as monitors, projectors, view board displays, commercial displays and even pen displays.

Here are some examples of LCD monitors that are interesting and may be suitable for you who are looking for the best monitor for personal use, education or work.

#1 VX3268-2KPC-MHD

32” 144Hz QHD Curved Gaming Monitor

For those who always play online games, you can buy this gaming monitor. With attractive specifications, your gaming experience will definitely be better. A little about this gaming monitor, it comes with a curved screen, which is perfect for a balance of immersion and comfort.

#2 VA2710-mh

27" 1080p Home and Office Monitor
This monitor is suitable for at work or for those who work at home. Come with SuperClear® IPS technology, also narrow bezel, you will definitely be comfortable in working with a clear and quality monitor.

#3 VP3268-4K

32" 100% sRGB Professional Monitor

For other options, this VP3268-4K monitor is also interesting. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, this monitor comes with a standard ergonomic function with auto pivot. More interestingly, the display on the monitor is wider with a frameless bezel.

#4 TD1655

16”Touch Portable Monitor

The next monitor option is a touch screen monitor which is very suitable to easily extend your content from laptops and mobile devices. By using only One-cable solution for audiovisual, power, and touch signal transmission, it is easy to use.

Its compact, lightweight and portable size allows you to carry this monitor anywhere.

#5 VX3211-4K-mhd

32" 4K Entertainment Monitor

The next monitor of choice is the VX3211-4K-mhd. This monitor is 32 inches in size and is suitable for use as an entertainment monitor. With its large size, this monitor is suitable for use in the office, home or school.

So, what do you think of the monitors on this list? Interesting isn't it? There are actually more ViewSonic monitors that you can see on their website. With quality monitors, clear and modern displays, daily activities no matter for education, work or online games can certainly be carried out with a better experience.

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